Why Workshops?

Because workshops is where the hands-on application of theory is demonstrated and practiced. All our workshops consists of:

  • Information & theory
  • Demonstrations
  • Practice

Each workshops is based on scientific research, valid and reliable assessments. Every workshop has its own 30-40 page manual and theory will always be practically demonstrated by the workshop presenter.


It is of paramount importance for all attendants to practically see and first-hand experience the applied theory. All workshop presenters are highly qualified people with years of experience in their field of expertise.


There is no use in knowing without applying the knowledge, of understanding without the wisdom of how to use it. Therefore, at least 40% time spent in the workshop, will be allocated to practicing what you’ve learnt.


Here is the list of all our current workshops running in:

Gauteng (Alberton), Northwest (Potchefstroom), Free State (Bloemfontein) and, Western Cape (Paarl).

  • 1-Day training in Counselling & Introduction to Functional Therapy
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Communication and Facilitator training
    • one-on-one
    • couples
    • family
    • groups (corporate)
  • Build your business/practice: Website and Marketing
  • Knowing how to assess children’s and adults’ functioning.
  • Career planning
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