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business healthHow healthy is your business and how do you measure the wellness of any business?

When you visit a GP, he will first measure your four primary vital signs for health: temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate (respiratory rate).

Most managing directors and corporate executive officers measure their company’s health by looking at turnover growth, profit margins, dividends yield, and their own salaries.

The fact is that all these factors may be positive but the company is dying a slow death just like a person whose vital signs may be within the acceptable range and still have cancerous cells.

Workshop: How to do a company’s “blood test”.

Whether you have a virus infection, hormone imbalance, iron deficiency, or cancerous cells, it can all be confirmed by taking a blood test, as the life of any creature is in its blood.

And so the life of a company is not in its fleet of vehicles, number of buildings, or advanced technology but in the wellness of it’s employees.

It is easy to count vehicles and buildings, but how do you measure employee wellness?

The “blood test” – using Ecometric assessment scales

  • business health check toolOrganizational Climate Audit (OCA)
  • Personal Driving Dynamics (PDD)
  • Job Value Profile (JVP)
  • Corporate Functioning Screening Inventory (CFSI)
  • Group profile of CFSI (mCFSI)
  • Group profile of PDD (mPDD)
Business Assessment Workshop
  • During this 2 day workshop you will learn how to measure the wellness of a company’s employees through interpreting the above mentioned six standardized assessment scales.
  • You will have access to our online Assessment Centre for 12 months where after you need to do a refresher course again.
  • You will be a qualified Business Ecometrist, having the necessary tools to:
    • do individual assessments,
    • do group reports,
    • do group profiles,
    • help with new appointments,
    • facilitate employer/employee conflict and frustrations,
    • facilitate team building,
    • use the reports and profiles for wellness programs,
    • use the reports for individual therapy/counseling/coaching sessions (if you are a registered therapist/counselor/life coach).
Our no-nonsense, money back guarentee

If you think the workshop was a waste of money and have not learnt anything new, we will give your money back with a 🙂

A Business Ecometrist is to a company what a GP is to your personal health

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Who will benefit from this course?
  • HR managers
  • Business and life coaches
  • Those involved in wellness programs
  • Therapist, counselors, and coaches working in a corporate environment
Workshop dates and venues
  • Strategic Assessment Solutions Workshop: 14 – 15 Nov in Alberton
  • MLP™ for Business Coaching: 25 – 26 Nov in Alberton
What you as a Business Ecometrist can do with the assessment results/profiles
  • You will know what and how individuals are motivated
  • You will be able to determine the three levels of stress and six coping skills
  • You will know how to align an individual’s twenty three work values with the company’s values
  • You will be able to determine why an individual is unproductive and ineffective
  • You will be able to measure a person’s leadership abilities
  • You will understand a person’s emotional functioning
  • You wil know what role an employee’s self-perception plays in conducting of his/her duties
  • You will be able to help with new appointments – knowing whether someone is bluffing or have underdeveloped potential
  • You will have a coaching model for business executives
  • You will know how to help business owners grow to the next level
2 Options available
Business Assessment Training Standard Option = 2days Training Bonus Option = 4days Training
Course Manual and 15 credits for online assessments  Yes  Yes
Multi-Level Processing for Business Coaching worth R 2 950  No  Yes
Course Fee R 4 500 R 6 500
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