About PTC

AnnatjiePerspective Training College was founded by Annatjie Faul and Bertie Hanekom. Annatjie is currently the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, USA and Bertie is the managing director of PTC. He has recently completed his doctoral studies at the North West University (Potchefstroom Campus).


In 1986, they met at a workshop. They discovered mutual goals: to find out what it means to counsel someone from a Christian perspective. Because they could not find programmes that met these requirements, they decided to develop the programmes themselves. This partnership eventually led to the establishment of Perspective Training College (PTC) in 1991.

PTCPerspective Training College’s field of expertise is human potential development:

  • PTC has been doing research and development of assessment scales, therapeutic programmes, etc. since 1991.
  • These assessment scales and programmes are made available to functional therapists, coaches, mentors, etc.
  • These helpers are also trained in the effective use of these aids by means of courses and workshops.
  • Our emphasis is on skills, ability to perform, as well as academic knowledge!

Currently Perspective Training College offers the following short courses and programmes:

  • Functional Therapy-01Certificate in Functional Therapy – Level 1
  • Diploma in Functional Therapy – Level 2
  • Degree in Functional Therapy – Level 3
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Functional Therapy – Level 4
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Ecometrics – Adult Assessment
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Ecometrics – Child Assessment
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Ecometrics – Career Assessment
  • Business Assessment Scales Training
  • Build your Practice: Website & Marketing
  • Facilitator and Communication Techniques
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (Classic EFT® & FasterEFT®)
  • 1-Day Training in Counseling & Intro to Functional Therapy

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