What makes Perspective Training College unique?

We equip people who have a heart’s desire to help others heal from emotional-spiritual wounds and grow into their God-ordained purpose by using:

  • Subject based knowledge
  • Assessment scales
  • Therapeutic techniques
  • Biblical principles


Subject based knowledge: At Perspective Training College we believe that in order to  understand the client’s problem, one needs knowledge of human functioning such as behavioral patterns, developmental phases, brain functioning, and emotional-spiritual growth processes.

Assessment scales: We use valid and reliable assessment scales to identify the root causes of problems, thereby saving a lot of time and saving the client money in the process.

Therapeutic techniques: Perspective Training College endeavour to equip the therapist with a wide variety of modern day therapeutic techniques that serve as tools in the healing and recovery process.

Biblical principles: True life can only be found in relationship with God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Perspective Training College is grounded on Biblical truths and values.

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